Adding A Learner Using Their Phone Number

Step 1

To add a Learner using their phone number, click Learners (top left) and click on: ‘Add a New Learner’ 

Step 2

Next, fill in their First and Last Name and their mobile phone number.
You can also assign training on this screen (click on the 'Assign Training For This Learner' box to select training(s) you wish to give)


Step 3

Once the account has been created, the Learner will be notified by text message that they’ve been invited to do training. 

Step 4

The Learner then follows the link from their phone and creates their password.

Step 5

After the account is created, they will receive a text message to activate the account. They will then use the code from this phone to activate the account.

Step 6

The Learner now has access to their training under the ‘My Courses’ section.