Adding A Learner Without A Contact Method

Step 1

To add a learner using their email simply click on: ‘Add a New Learner’

Step 2

Next, fill in their First and Last Name and the fields for Email Address or Phone blank.
You can also assign training on this screen.

Step 3

Once you’ve created the account an activation code will populate next to their name.

Step 4

Give this code to the learner and have them input it in the login page of the training site where it says, ‘Activate my Account’.

Activation Codes
When adding a new learner, an activation code populates next to their name in the ‘Learners’ window. You can give the learners this code for easy activation.

Step 5

This will prompt the Learner to create a password and then gain access to their account and their training.

Step 6

The Learner now has access to their training under the ‘My Courses’ section.