A&S - Accident and Sickness

What is A&S? What are the steps I need to take to obtain this? How does this relate to LLQP|HLLQP?

What is A&S?

Accident & Sickness Insurance. This is an entry-level course that includes the following three modules:

a.) Ethics & Professional Practices, plus exam
b.) Accident & Sickness, plus exam
c.) Taxation

You can purchase one of two ways:

a.) Subscription - $30 Monthly + $100 activation fee
b.) Flat Fee Option - $199.00 + Additional fees if Live Instruction is desired

Link to purchase can be found here:


Note: You must have a CIPR # in order to register. For more information on this, please click the link below. 


What can I expect after purchase? 

a.) You will receive an automated email confirming your purchase almost immediately after making the purchase. 

b.) You will receive a secondary email that includes login details to get access to course material within one business day. 

c.) Within one business day of your successful completion of the course and affiliated exams, you will receive a congratulatory email that includes details on how to pay register for your provincial exam with your regulatory body. 

d.) Upon passing the provincial examination, you will gain the opportunity to apply for an Accident & Sickness Insurance License in your jurisdiction with the exception of Quebec. 

**This course allows you to apply for a license to sell Accident and Sickness Insurance products.

The next steps for most are to then register for Top-Up, which includes the latter half of the HLLQP course material.

For more information, click the link below: