CIPR. What Is It?

What is it and how do I register?

About CIPR

CIPR stands for Canadian Insurance Participant Registry. It is a registry of everybody who works or intends to work in the Life or Health insurance field in Canada.

This is your personal identification number. You will need to have this on hand each time you speak with your regulatory body.

It is an independent registry managed by the Alberta Insurance Council on behalf of all insurance regulators in Canada.

Registering on the CIPR website and having a CIPR number is a mandatory prerequisite for any person who wishes to study the Accident & Sickness or Life Licensing Qualification Program.

How Do I Register?

1. Visit the CIPR website.

2. Click 'Register'.

When registering, keep in mind each province has a different regulatory body. Select the one specific to your province.

3. Enter/select the required information and click 'Register' at very the bottom.

4. Once registered, you will receive an automated email from CIPR that includes your CIPR number and profile details.

Keep a record of this number for future reference, you will need it to register for your licensing course(s), your provincial exam, your license, and any communication with your provincial regulatory body. 

Administrative Jurisdictions per Province:

Province / Territory you wish to be certified in

Regulatory Body to select

British Columbia

 Insurance Council of British Columbia


Alberta Insurance Council


Insurance Councils of Saskatchewan


Insurance Council of Manitoba


Financial Services Commission of Ontario Exams administered by Durham College


Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF)

Newfoundland and Labrador

Superintendent of Insurance

New Brunswick

 Financial and Consumer Services Commission

Northwest Territories

Superintendent of Insurance

Nova Scotia

Superintendent of Insurance


Superintendent of Insurance

Prince Edward Island

Superintendent of Insurance


Superintendent of Insurance