Completing Your HLLQP Certification

A breakdown on getting your HLLQP course completed and getting yourself certified!

The course consists of 5 modules: Taxation, Ethics & Professional Practice, Accident & Sickness, Life Insurance, and Segregated Funds & Annuities. The Taxation module is not tested on its own but is tested within the other 4 modules. 

For an account walkthrough, click here:
Learner Account Walkthrough.

1. To complete the course, you must do the following for each of the 4 tested modules:

  • Complete the learning activities
  • Score 70% on the Mock Exam (You have 99 attempts)
  • Complete the Attestation
  • Score 60% on the Certification Exam

2. Once you have passed all four Certification Exams, we will confirm your passing grade with CIPR and send you a congratulatory email within one business day that includes information on how you can book your provincial examination. 

3. Book, take, and successfully pass your provincial examination with your provincial regulator. 

4. Pay and apply for your license with your regulator!

**Note: All applicants require sponsorship from an insurance company - the specifics on documentation required are available on your provincial regulator's website. We would highly recommend having a conversation with your direct supervisor or manager with regard to sponsorship or licensing. 

If you are looking to split your training between A&S and Top-Up, or if you are already a licensed professional for A&S insurance, please visit the links below: 

A&S - Accident and Sickness