Crius Registration Process

A complete guide to registering for LLQP for Crius students.

The new BCC Rapid system provides students with a learning system that focuses on removing barriers to learning and makes signing up, managing accounts, and completing courses easy!

1. Select ‘LLQP’ at the top banner of
    Direct Link: Full LLQP Course

2. Scroll to the 'Direct to LLQP' section and Select 'Buy Self-Study' or 'Buy Instructor-Led Training.' Or scroll down to see all LLQP, A&S, and Top Up options. 

** Please note, you will want to buy the flat-fee option. Please avoid selecting subscription options as your promo code cannot be applied to subscription purchases.

3. Click 'Buy Now.'

4. In the 'Promotional Codes' field, type in your promo code, then click 'Apply.' 
Contact your Crius Representative for the promotional code.

5. Click '+ Create Learner Account,' fill out your information and create your account. 

6. Purchase, Confirm your account, Log in, and then access your course via 'My Courses' tab in your profile!