How To Distribute Courses To Learners From The Learners List

Please note that if a Learner already has the course in their account that was previously assigned to them, you will need to go to Licenses > Distribute > Invite Learner as this will not work.

Step 1

Click on 'Learners' under 'Manage' in the blue sidebar on the left

Step 2

Locate the Learner by either adding a new Learner, or by searching for their name, email or mobile number.

Step 3

Click on '+ Assign Training'.

Step 4

On the following pop-up, pick the course you’d like to assign and click on 'Assign Training'.

Step 5

Click 'Save' at the bottom of the popup

A notification will be sent to the Learner via the contact method (email or mobile number) on their account.  They will need to click the link in the email or text to finish setting up their account and enter the activation code that was sent to them to confirm their account.