Electrical Safety Training Systems (ESTS)

In this article, we’ll be looking at the industry trends and technologies that are helping improve safety in all electrical environments.

We’ll first look at arc flash training and protection.

Electrical safety incidents and fatalities remain a top-of-mind concern for facilities and projects of all kinds across North America.

Walk on to any worksite in North America and chances are very high that you’ll find electricity powering something, whether it be tools, light fixtures, running through overhead powerlines, or flowing through underground cables. Electricity is an integral part of day-to-day activities in workplaces. It’s very easy to forget that this common utility is a serious workplace hazard.

An electrical hazard is a dangerous condition in which a worker could make electrical contact with energized equipment and sustain an injury from shock and/or from an arc flash burn, thermal burn, or blast injury.

Electricity seeks the easiest and shortest paths to the ground – when people or objects come too close to, or touch an electrical wire, they can become part of an electrical circuit.  The amount of current that flows through the body is determined by the human body resistance and the lesser the body resistance, the higher the current that flows through the body, which increases the risk of a fatal electrical shock or severe burns.

The human body can become a good conductor, conducting electrical current from a live wire to the ground, completing a circuit, if the person comes into contact with a live or energized wire. The voltage of the electricity and the available electrical current in regular businesses and homes has enough power to cause death by electrocution.

At Danatec we are responding to this demand with our industry recognized programs: ESTS Electrical Safety Arc Flash & Shock courses. Our electrical safety training courses have been designed to achieve compliance with CSA Z462-21 and CSA Z1001 in Canada and the NFPA 70E-21 and OSHA in the USA.

A wide range of arc flash mitigation controls are explored In Danatec’s ESTS training programs. Participants will explore many working protocols such as the use of countermeasures, Isolation, avoidance alternatives and PPE.

In addition to the ESTS specific training courses, you will be shocked to know Danatec offers step and touch potential in all the Lifting Device courses.