Finding a Study Partner (CFP/QAFP)

Having a Study Partner/Buddy is a great way to work through the CFP/QAFP program.

If you are working on completing the Core + Advanced Curriculum, or you are studying for the upcoming CFP/QAFP Exam, and are looking to find a Study Partner within the program here at BCC, please see the below instructions on how to find a partner:

1. Log into your online resources and go to the course that you are working on.

2. Go to the "Discussion" board found at the top of the course.

3. Create a new topic and the topic could be something like "Looking for a Study Partner". 

4. Hopefully, someone else looking for a Study Partner will see that post and comment on it. You may also see other posts from people looking for Study Partners and you can always reply to those as well.


Another way you can find a Study Partner would be through your work. All offices and companies are a little bit different, but it could be helpful to go to your employer and ask how you can reach out to others working on the program as well. 


If you are looking for an Accountability Partner, please feel free to reach out to the CFP Student Advisor and you can begin setting up regularly scheduled check-in calls to help ensure you are sticking to your timeline and meeting your study goals.