FP Canada FAQs

Everything you need to know about FP Canada

Who is FP Canada?

They are the professional body that takes care of the CFP and QAFP designations. They manage the certification exams, continuing education, and yearly maintenance of the designations. There are also two courses that you need to complete with FP Canada. FP Canada has approved our Core & Advanced Curriculum, otherwise, we have no affiliation. 

How do I create my FP Canada account?

You can go to the FP Canada website and they have a Log In button on the top right part of the page. From there you can log in, or create an account. 

Finding My FP Canada ID

Your FP Canada ID will be associated with your FP Canada account. If you have any questions regarding your FP Canada account please reach out to FP Canada directly at info@fpcanada.ca

What does FP Canada provide for Exam Prep?

Available for purchase when you register for the exam, the FP Canada practice exam is another good study tool. We recommend using this practice exam a week or two before the actual exam. This mock exam can only be written once and you will be timed. It is a good way to test your timing as well as get a good feel for the format of their exam. 

What kind of support can BCC offer while working on the FP Canada courses?

BCC does not have access to these courses with FP Canada. We can provide you with as much assistance as possible, however, it is best to reach out directly to FP Canada at info@fpcanada.ca for questions regarding their two courses.  

How do I receive my CFP or QAFP transcript for FP canada?

The transcript will be emailed to you by our BCC Help Team. You can expect this email within 5 business days of completing your CFP or QAFP.  In this email, they will be asking for your permission to send it to FP Canada on your behalf.

When Can I Take The Introduction to Professional Ethics (IPE)?

You can take the Introduction to Professional Ethics (IPE) course before you are finished with the BCC courses. You will need to complete the IPE course before you move on to any next step with FP Canada so it is a good idea to get it done before you are done with Unit 6. In order to start the Professional Education Program, you will need to have the course work finished with BCC and have a transcript for FP Canada showing that you are ready for this next step.  

How many times can you write the exams with FP Canada?

You will have 4 attempts at writing the CFP exam and you also have 4 attempts to write the QAFP exam.

How long does it take to receive your grade back from FP Canada?

Typically it takes about 4-6 weeks for the results to be released. You will receive an email from FP Canada stating your results are ready to be viewed in your account once they've been released.