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Getting Started With Guard Training in Manitoba

What is the process for a Guard Training student in the province of Manitoba?

Our fully online training course is a government-mandated 40-hours of training. We offer two packages to pick from; Basic Security Training and The Fast Track Bundle.

The Manitoba Basic Security Training costs $199.00 and includes the full Guard Training course.

The Fast Track Bundle costs $249.00 and includes the full Manitoba Security Guard Training, one provincial examination fee, and four other courses: Mental Health Awareness & De-Escalation Online Training, Fatigue Awareness, Respectful Workplace: Preventing Harassment and Violence, and a WHMIS (GHS) Training Online course. This bundle gives you additional courses and skills to help you stand out in the job market.

Please see the process break-down below, including exam costs and licensing fee in Manitoba:

Step 1: Register for the online course and begin training. You may opt to apply for a temporary license during this time, please contact us for this process when you have enrolled in the course.

Step 2: When you have completed the online course, send an email to info@guardtraining.ca that includes your name, address, birth date, phone number, and the day you completed your training.

Step 3: Once we have your information, we submit the request to the Virtual Exam proctor, eProctor Canada. They will then enter your information into their database and confirm that you can register for the exam.

Step 4: Once confirmed, we provide you with the link to the eProctor Canada website to create an account, pay the additional $30 exam fee (for virtual exam service) and book your exam.

Step 5: Once you have completed your exam, we will receive your results from Manitoba Justice. With a passing mark, you will be awarded the Basic Security Guard Training Certificate.

Step 6: Get a criminal record check and your photo signed at your local police station. This check must include criminal record, vulnerable sector and local database.

Step 7: Begin your security license application. The Manitoba Security License application is $30, which is valid for 1 year. The Manitoba Government requires license holders to re-apply every year to maintain a license. Below is a link to the Manitoba Government website that includes the step-by-step process for applying for a License, as well as the requirements:

Start Your Training Today!

To start your training go to guardtraining.ca and set up an account. After that, add the package of your choice to your cart and then checkout. Once you've purchased the course it will be in your profile under 'My Courses'.