Glossary Of Terms

A list of commonly used terms to help you navigate our resources.

Learner: A learner is someone who will take a course. They can either purchase one for themselves, use an enrolment key, or be invited by their training manager.   


Training Manager: A training manager is a person tasked with purchasing licenses, assigning seats and verifying certificates. 


License: A license is a distributable seat to a course. One license will grant one learner a course. 

Enrolment Key:
An enrolment key is a unique code created by a training manager. This can be used by existing learners who would paste the key in their courses to accept and begin training.


Activation Code: An activation code is created when a training manager adds a new learner. This code can be given to the learner to use when signing up for an account. 


Confirmation Code: A confirmation code is generated to confirm a contact method. This can be both via email and/or SMS. To ensure the best safety protocols we require all users to confirm their contact methods. 


Organization: An organization can be created to facilitate the grouping of learners by company, location, department and more. This group of learners can be managed and viewed by multiple training managers. 


RapidLMS: LMS stands for Learning Management System and Rapid is the name of ours! It’s the platform that holds all your learners, courses, licenses and more. 


Storefront: RapidLMS has different storefronts for different clients. A storefront is a branded, specific landing page, course catalogue, and sign-on location for that client's users. For example,, and are all storefronts hosted on our LMS. The platform remains the same, however, the storefront can be designed for a client's needs.