Ground Disturbance

All you need to know about getting started with your Ground Disturbance course.

Get the industry-recognized Ground Disturbance online course from Danatec and Global Training Centre to meet all Ground Disturbance certification requirements. Training is available for initial or re-certification, and you can take the class on your own time, with features that make learning fun every step of the way! 

About The Courses

: $49.95 - $119.95 CAD

Length: 1 hour and 30 minutes - 6 hours

Passing Grade: 80% or higher

Attempts Certification: You will have 3 attempts at the Final Exam. 

Certification?: Yes

**Ground Disturbance certificates are valid for 3 years and can be done online, or online via LearnerVerified. 

What Courses Are Offered? 

  • Ground Disturbance Awareness

  • Ground Disturbance - Best Practices

  • Ground Disturbance Level II® - Manitoba *

  • Ground Disturbance Level II® - British Columbia *

  • Ground Disturbance Level II® - Alberta *

  • Ground Disturbance Level II® - Alberta – LearnerVerified™ *

**Please note that only the Level II courses marked with a (*) have been assessed to the Ground Disturbance 201 (AB) Standard and are endorsed by the Utility Safety Partners.

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Ground Disturbance Training Options