Editing A Learner

Learn how a training manager can edit their learner's information.

People get married, people change their names, and spelling a name can sometimes be tricky. Here is how you can edit your learner's information! 

  1. Log into your account and head to the 'Manage Learners' tab. 
  2. Locate the learner you're wanting to edit and select the gear icon on the right-hand side. 
  3. A dropdown menu should appear where you will find the option to 'Edit'. 
  4. When you select edit, you'll be able to adjust the first and last name, email and phone number of your learner. This is only possible if the learner hasn't activated there account.

Please note: You will only have the option to adjust your learner's contact method until they have logged into their account for the first time. The reason we can not allow any edits to a learner's contact method once they've confirmed their information is to ensure best practices around FOIP. You can read more about this here.