Viewing My Learner's Progress

Is there a way to view learner completed courses and progress?

  1. To view your learner's training status please select "Manager Learners" from the menu on the left.
  2. To view a specific learner simply click on their name (first or last) and it will expand to show you more information on that learner's training and progress.
  3. You will see 4 tabs along the top that you can click on: 

The Course History tab will show you all of the courses that the learner has completed. If you click the little arrow to the left of the course name you will be able to see the score that they have achieved on the completed course. 

The Invite History tab will show you all the courses that your learner has been invited to take. You will see a line with 4 bubbles that will show you if the invite has been sent, received, opened by the learner, or finally accepted.

The Certification History tab will list the certificates for all completed courses.

The Sharing tab is if you want to add a learner to a specific organization that you have created in your Training Manager account 

An alternate way to view your learner's status can be done through the Reports feature. Please see the article below for tips on accessing your reports: 
Reading Your Reports As A Training Manager