Editing An Organization

Steps on how to edit an organization as a Training Manager.

1. Log into your training manager account. From the dashboard, you can select your name in the top right-hand corner to show a drop-down menu. 

2. Select the 'Organizations' option.  

3. Select the organization you’re looking to edit. You can search for your organization if you have a long list.  

4. The certificate tab is what will populate on your learners' certificates. Please note that this edit will not adjust any existing certificates.  

5. The 'Taxes' tab is for organizations who are selling their own products through RapidLMS and does not need to be filled out otherwise.  

6. The ‘Members’ tab is where you can add other training managers and grant them access to learners, certificates and licenses belonging to the organization.  

Automation and Integrations are features currently in the works! Stay tuned to find out more.