Reviewing A Learner Verified Course

My Learner has completed their Learner Verified course. How do I review this and complete it?

How do I review footage from a Learner Verified Course?


What is Learner Verified? Find out here.

As a Training Manager, you can review the learner's footage from a learner verified course within your account by following these steps:

  1. Click on "Manage Verifications" in the menu on the left-hand side of your Training Manager account
  2. Choose one of the 3 status tabs along the top of the page. These include "Pending", "Reviewed" and "Review not Required" 
    If a Learner Verified course needs to be reviewed, it will be located in the "Pending" tab. If you have already reviewed the course, it will be listed in the "Reviewed" tab. If the course is complete and no incidents have been recorded, the course will move to the "Review not Required" tab rather than the "Pending" tab
  3. To review a course in the "Pending" tab, simply click on "Review" to the right of the course name
  4. Another window will open that is divided into 3 sections. The top left image section will be of the learner's face. The learner will take this picture when they begin the course. The image section directly below this will be of the learners' ID so that the Training Manager can confirm that the license matches their face. To the right will be an image section that records attendance. If the learner has moved out of the camera's frame or if they are looking off-screen for too long it will be recorded as an absence. Each of these absences will be listed on the timeline and can be clicked to review the incident. Often an absence is simply the learner moving their head or looking off-camera for a moment. Training Managers can decide if this is an incident worth failing. 
  5. After the footage has been reviewed the Training Manager can decide if the learner has passed or failed. There are two buttons for this on the bottom of the screen underneath the attendance window. Once you have clicked either of these buttons the course will be moved to the "Reviewed" tab. A student that you failed will need to do the course again as per your requirements.

NOTE: If you cannot find the course in the "Pending" tab it will most likely be in the "Review not Required" section. If the learner has no absences during the course there will be no recorded video and the course will automatically move to this "Review not Required" tab.