Revoking A Course Invitation

Learn how to retrieve unused licenses from learners who no longer need training.

1. Log into your training manager account, and head to the 'Manage Licenses' tab. 

2. Find the course in question and select the gear labelled 'Manage', a drop-down menu should appear with the option to 'Distribute'.

3. You'll see 3 tabs: Invites, Enrolment Keys, and Usage. You'll want to navigate to the 'Usage' tab. 

4. All learners who were invited to this course should populate here. You'll be able to view the status of invitation as well as progress for them. Any highlighted 'Cancel' buttons can be clicked to return the license to your pool. This will resend the invitation and your learner will no longer have access to the material. 

Please note: Any license invitations that have been accepted can not be revoked, as they are considered to be in progress.