Using Learner Verified

Learn how to navigate through our LV program and what rules to follow.

1. When you launch a Learner Verified course, you will immediately be prompted to accept the terms of use and privacy policy. Once you've reviewed and accepted, you will be asked to select 'next' to move on to the following step. 

2. For verification, you will be required to have a working webcam and microphone, and an up-to-date browser. This step will verify the permissions between your webcam and your browser compatibility. If both boxes are green, you may proceed to the following step.
If the browser box shows up as red, please update your browser to the latest version or download a new one by clicking here.
If the webcam box shows up in red. Please review your webcam permissions in your browser settings and set them to allow. 

3. This step requires you to take a photo of yourself. Please ensure that your face is in the frame and that you are in a properly lit room. When you capture a photo you can select 'try again' to retake it. Once you're happy with the photo select 'next' at the bottom of the screen.

4. This step requires you to take a photo of your Valid Government Issued Identification Card. This photo must be of the front of the card and legible. When you capture a photo you can select 'try again' to retake it or if you're happy with the photo select 'next' at the bottom of the screen.

**Please note that your ID must be Government Issue and can not be expired. 

5. You'll be prompted to submit your biometrics here. Once biometrics have been accepted, you can continue your training. 

Please review the following details carefully prior to your exam session:
Find a quiet space where you will not have any interruption. If there is another person present during your exam, your submission will be forfeited.
Your full face MUST be in the frame for the entirety of the exam. Looking down or offscreen will be considered a breach of exam conditions.
The use of mobile devices (cell phone, tablet, smartwatch, etc.) will NOT be permitted during your exam.
If you're unsure about your exam being closed, or open book. Please follow the directions provided before you begin your exam. 
You are NOT permitted to use headphones or earphones during the exam.

Please note that any breach of the above conditions will result in an immediate failure and your exam submission will be forfeited.