Equivalencies In The Core Curriculum (CFP)

I have previously completed parts of the CFP curriculum with another provider (Advocis, CSI, CIFP); will I get any equivalency into your program?

Yes, we grant you some equivalency into our program for courses you have completed within the last 3 years. You will need to provide a transcript to receive equivalencies. There is no additional charge for this. To see if your courses are eligible please email your transcript to our CFP Program Advisor at kelsey.mcguinty@businesscareercollege.com.


I have an active Life license and Mutual Funds license, do I get any equivalencies in the Core Curriculum?

Yes, for having an active Life and Mutual Funds license you are eligible to bypass Unit 4 with BCC. However, it is our recommendation that you consider completing Unit 4 to ensure that you are learning the information in the way that FP Canada are expecting you to. Ultimately, doing the quizzes and assignments in Unit 4 will help you in preparing for the exam. To apply for these equivalencies you will need to go through the Education Exemption process with FP Canada which includes a $75 fee. More information on FP Canada's Education Exemption can be found here.