Invitation Link Has Already Been Used

Learn how to retrieve your course when you're told: "invitation link has already been used".

If your Training Manager has sent you an invite and you receive an error, this means you have already accepted the invite!  You cannot use an invite link to log in after you've clicked on it once. You will need to return to the homepage of our site and login directly.

1. Did your Training Manager originally send the invite to your email? If yes, then your email is your username.

2. Did you get an invite to the course on your cell phone? Then your username is your 10 digit mobile number. 

Even if you are using a computer and the invite was sent to your mobile, your phone number is still your username regardless of which device you are logging in with. 

You should have been prompted to create a password when you originally accepted the invite. However, this step can be missed. If you do not recall or didn't set one up, please utilize the "Forgot my Password" option. 

For more information on forgetting your password please visit the following link: I Need To Reset My Password