LLQP - Platform Move, Updates, and Changes! (2021)

We're moving our legacy students to a brand new platform! See below for a guide on changes and offerings available.

Let's start simple!

We want our students to be supported in the best ways possible. That's you!

  • We're moving you to a new platform that allows for much more control.
  • Say hello to improved layouts and interfaces!
  • Welcome to an improved support experience. Details at the end of this article!
  • You can be confident you have the most up-to-date information as new regulatory requirements are released.
  • Starting today, you will receive resources, materials, and content as it releases!

Get familiar with your account here:


What's staying:

  • Textbooks. They're available for download in your course modules:


  • Mock Exams:

    Mock Exams

  • Certification Exams:

    Certification Exams
  • Instructional Videos:

    Instructional Videos

  • Tyler's Review Sessions:

    Students that are certified and/or registered for live sessions are invited to join Instructor Tyler Sauvé for Friday morning review sessions! An hour is spent per module, reviewing topics and questions in preparation for provincial exams.  

  • Discussion Forum:

    Discussion Forums

What's Changing:

  • * Certification Exams limited to 4 attempts.
  • * Course Registrations expire after One Year.
  • Practice Exams were replaced with Learning Activities:

    Learning Activities

  • Courses have been broken into parts with supporting resources attached:

    New Course Structure

  • Recorded Webinars + Slide Decks available to all, no extra cost:

    Recorded Webinar and Slide Decks

Your Support Resources:

A comprehensive Knowledge Base:

This knowledge base is also accessible by interacting with our chatbot.

Click on the red widget on the website, or in your account! 

It looks like this:
Screen Shot 2021-05-28 at 6.45.02 PM

This bot's search is based on keywords, hopefully, locating the article containing the steps you need. 

This little guy is pretty smart, but sometimes you need to talk to a real person.
Luckily, we have those too!  

You have access to a full team of dedicated Client Specialists and Academic Advisors whose #1 objective is your success. 

The bot can connect you live during business hours or submit a ticket outside of business hours. 

Phone: 877-934-5577

Email: bcchelp@weknowtraining.ca

Business Hours:

Monday - Friday (Excluding Statutory Holidays)

8:00 am - 5:00 pm MST.