How do I book my practical portion of the blended course?

All blended courses with St. John Ambulance come with both online course material and a practical, in-class session.

When you purchase a blended course, you are required to take and successfully pass an interactive online course. It's important to note, that practical application testing is also required and is a part of the course cost. 

When you successfully finish all modules and pass the quizzes and the final exam, you will be prompted to select a location for your in-class practical portion of the course. A representative of SJA will reach out and confirm the date/times with you afterwards.

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**You must successfully pass both portions in order to obtain your first aid license. 

**You will only obtain a digital badge from the online portion of the course. We cannot give or reissue a copy of your first aid certificate, as those are generated internally within SJA.