Reading Your Reports As A Training Manager

Where do I find reports on the status of my learners' training? Can I see the scores and progress of their training in these reports?

Your Training Manager account has a reporting feature that allows you to track the progress of your learners training. 

1. This reports feature can be found in the menu under the "Training" Tab. 

2. Within the reports menu, you can filter your search by Course or Learner. There are additional filters for Status and Expiry that you can select to refine the search even further.

3. If you begin typing in either the Course or Learner field it will populate with suggestions for the course licenses that you own or the learners that you manage.

4. After you have selected the Course or Learner that you want to search for, you can also select the Status or Expiry of the course by checking off the appropriate button below.

5. Click the "Run" button and your report will generate. If you would like to export the report you can do so by clicking on the "Export" button and it will prompt you to save the report as an excel file.