Reporting on my learners

New reporting interface: we've recently given our reporting features a facelift. Here's what's new!

Please note organization filter and custom fields data are not yet available in the new reporting feature. Should you need that information, please reach out to our Support team and we will manually pull the report for you. No worries, these features are coming soon!

New User Interface

In the past, you accessed your reports on our old interface from the left hand menu under Reports.

We've now moved the reports you normally access to our new user interface. To access your reports simply click on Reports in the left hand menu or from the Dashboard.

System Reports

Reports you are used to using such as Learner Completions and Learner Training are now part of your System Reports. These reports are available to all training managers using RapidLMS.

Running these reports is similar to the old interface. By clicking on the report of your choice, you can then set specific parameters  and run the report. You can then download the report into an Excel file.

Based on user feedback we will be adding more system reports over time.

Custom Reports

Besides running System Reports, you can also write Custom Reports. Custom Reports are meant to answer more granular or specific questions you might have about your training or learners. You can do so by writing your own queries using the in-app editor and documentation:

  1. Navigate to Training -> Reports or click on Reports from the Dashboard.
  2. Select New Report.
  3. Use documentation to write your query in the editor and run report.
  4. When complete, save Report.
  5. Access Report under Custom Reports at a later date.

If you don't have a technical background, you can reach out to your account manager or our Tier 1 support and we can escalate the request at