St. John Ambulance - How Do I Book My Practical Training?

I have finished with the online training, how do I book the practical portion?

Many of St. Johns Ambulances First Aid courses are blended meaning that there is an online learning portion (completed on our RapidLMS training platform) and a practical portion that is taken in person at a St. Johns Ambulance location. 

Final Chapter

The last chapter of your online First Aid Course is entitled "Book Your Practical Training (Required for Certification)"

In this chapter will find a link that will take you directly to the St Johns Ambulance website (AB, SK, or MB)

Here you will be able to enter your information to book the practical training. The form will ask you to enter your information and certification number from your online training. You will also be able to choose a location that is closest to you.


Direct Links to book your practical training with St Johns Ambulance: