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The New Rapid Experience

Welcome to Rapid 2.0 Are you a new or returning user thinking, 'wow, this looks different?' Your eyes aren’t fooling you! We have updated RapidLMS to be more user friendly, better looking, and an overall smoother experience!

The New Rapid Landing Page

When you login to Rapid you will notice a few changes. We’ve updated some colours and moved things around. Your courses and certificates are still on the left but now they’re listed under ‘My Courses’ and ‘My Certifications’.

On the top right you’ll see your name. If you click it, you’ll get a drop down menu with different options such as: ‘My Orders’, ‘My Account’, ‘Public Profile’, and ‘Log-out’.

You’ll also notice the ‘Buy Courses & Products’ option below your name. This is where you can purchase new courses just like in the old Rapid. Clicking this button now takes you to the respective storefront you signed in on. So if you sign in through danatec.com, it’ll take you to Danatec to purchase your courses.

Here are some of the updated features.

The ‘My Courses’ window now looks like this:

Courses will load in within the window, with the ‘X’ to close-out the course easily available in the top right, like this:

Your ‘Account’ section, when accessed through the drop down menu at your name, will look like this:

Let us know what you think about the new look to RapidLMS!


You can reach us anytime via email at  customers@weknowtraining.ca or contacting us via chat or phone at 1-800-465-3366 (from 8AM - 5PM MST)