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The Training Site Has Moved, How Do I Login?

Logging in after a site migration.

The training site has moved to the new platform and your existing account and training history are available on the new site. To access your account, you will need to log in to the new site and activate your account. 

Step 1: Visit the new training site and select 'Log In'. 

Step 2: Login using your existing Username and Password from the previous training site. 

Step 3: You will then be prompted to enter an email address or phone number for your account. You will use this as your username moving forward. 

Step 4: Create a new password for your account to complete the account activation. 

Step 5: Once logged in, you will be brought to your account, where your training history and Certificates will be visible. 

Happy Training!

If you have any questions or need any support, please contact customers@weknowtraining.ca or 1-800-465-3366.