What is Top-Up? What are the steps I need to take to obtain this? How does this relate to LLQP|HLLQP?

This is intended for licensed Accident & Sickness (A&S) Insurance professionals who now wish to top-up to full HLLQP.

The courses contained in A&S, along with your success at the provincial examination and approved application for your A&S license with your regulatory body, allows you to proceed with Top-Up. 

If you have not obtained A&S yet, please visit the link below to obtain before proceeding with Top-Up.

Top-Up Includes the following modules:

a.) Segregated Funds and Annuities, plus exam
b.) Life Insurance, plus exam
c.) Ethics & Professional Practices, plus exam*

*This module is required only for agents that earned their A&S licenses prior to January 2016. 

What are my purchasing options?

We currently offer a flat fee option for this material at $150.00.

If you would like access to seminars, there is an additional charge of $199.00. 

To purchase, please have your CIPR # on hand and visit the following link:

What can I expect after purchase? 

a.) You will receive an automated email confirming your purchase almost immediately after making the purchase. 

b.) You will receive a secondary email that includes login details to get access to course material within one business day. 

c.) Within one business day of your successful completion of the course and affiliated exams, you will receive a congratulatory email that includes details on how to pay register for your provincial exam with your regulatory body. 

d.) Upon passing the provincial examination, you can pay and apply for a Life Insurance License with your provincial regulatory body.**

Note: All applicants require sponsorship from an insurance company - the specifics on documentation required are available on your provincial regulator's website. 

It is our recommendation that you speak with your direct supervisor or manager about sponsorship or licensing.

**This does not include Quebec Residents.