Types Of Exams Within The LLQP Program

Details on what to expect for the various Exams inside of the Life License Qualification Program (LLQP) Program.

Please Note:

The following information applies to all of the registration options we have for the Life License Qualification Program. 

The main registration options are the following: the "Full LLQP" Course, the "A&S Only" Course, and the "Top Up From A&S" Course.

The mandatory modules that you need to complete are structured like the following:

LLQP Course structure

What Exams will I encounter here?

There 2 types of Exams you will write here: The Mock Exams and the Certification Exams.

There is both a Mock Exam and a Certification Exam associated with each of the mandatory modules within your registration.

What can I use during the exams?

All exams are open book (this also includes the Provincial Licensing Exams you will write with your provincial insurance council).
This means that you can only use the approved CISRO/AMF textbooks and a simple calculator during the exams.

What is the time Limit on the exams?

75-minutes - this is to emulate the Provincial Exam's time limit.

Mock Exam:

Purpose: The Mock Exams are mainly seen as study tool, it comes with a near unlimited amount of attempts as we encourage students to utilize this to check their knowledge.

Please note: Only using just the mock exams will be insufficient to pass the certification exams, you will need to review the learning activities as well as read the Textbook!

What score do I need to pass the Mock Exam? 70%

How many attempts do I receive? 99 attempts - an essentially unlimited amount of attempts

Can I review my Mock Exam attempts? Yes, you are free to review any and all of your Mock Exam Attempts.

Certification Exam:

Purpose: The Certification Exams are what you need to complete to obtain your CIPR Certification (which in turn allows you to go on to write the Provincial Exams).

Note: The Certification Exams use the Learner Verified System to electronically proctor exam attempts. Once you enter into the Certification Exam Course Item - the setup process will begin.
To learn what rules to follow please see the following Knowledge Base article:
Using Learner Verified

Please note: You will have one year from registration to complete all of your Certification Exams.

What score do I need to pass the Certification Exam? 60%

How many attempts do I receive? 4 Attempts - You can only attempt a module's Certification exam once every 24-hours.

Can I review my Certification Exam attempts? No, the certification exams are protected exams. Thus to maintain the integrity, unfortunately, you are not allowed to view what you got correct and incorrect on the exams.

What happens once I complete (and pass) all of the Certification Exams?

Within 2 business days, we will manually update your certification status in the CIPR database and send you instructions on booking the Provincial Licensing Exams.

Please wait for this Congratulatory Email before booking your Provincial Licensing Exams or you may encounter registration issues, including forfeiture of exam fees. 

What happens if I fail all 4 attempts for a Certification Exam?

Failing all 4 attempts at any Certification Exam causes your registration to become invalid - any past certification exam completions are invalidated.

This means that if you would like to continue with the Program, you would then need to purchase a Rewrite registration. A Rewrite registration requires you to complete all of the certification exams for each module again (including those you have already completed) to receive your CIPR Certification.

If you have used all 4 attempts on a Certification Exam: Please reach out to our support at at bcchelp@weknowtraining.ca or call us at 1-877-934-5577 for further assistance with this.