Enrolment Key. What Is It?

What exactly is an enrolment key and how do I use it?

An Enrolment Key is a unique code created for a course for distributing to learners. Your company/Training Manager will need to let you know what your Enrolment Key is ahead of time, if this is the method of distribution they've selected.

1. To use an Enrolment Key, log into your training account and click on ‘My Courses’ in the blue sidebar on the left.

2. At top of the page, click on ‘Use Enrolment Key’ and a modal window will appear where you can enter the enrolment key you’ve been given.

3. Enter the Enrolment key provided to you by your Training Manager and select 'Submit'. 

4. Under the 'My Courses' tab you should now see your course and will be able to begin your training.