Learner Verified (LV). What Is It?

Learn more about our Learner Verified option.

LearnerVerified is a program implemented to ensure that online courses and exams are completed by the right person. It’s a layer of defensible security that can be added to any course, at any time, within any Learning Management System (LMS).


Our Learner Verified app functions in two separate steps.

Step 1: We verify the identity of the student by comparing the photo of their face to the Identification they’ve provided. This process is done on a separate platform, by our administrative staff members.

Step 2: The verification and review of the actual footage on a specific course, in RapidLMS. One of two things will happen.

A: The AI will not capture any anomalies and the user will have ‘passed’ the LV function automatically.

B: The AI will identify an anomaly and allow the owner to review it manually. This is when verification will be made available to the issuer.


You can find out more by visiting the Learner Verified Website.