What Is The Core Curriculum?

The Core Curriculum is the first step to achieving the QAFP or CFP certification. It consists of 6 Units for a total of 18 chapters in the Core Curriculum. After successful completion of the Core Curriculum you would be eligible to write the QAFP Exam, or to continue onto Unit 7 for those aiming for CFP certification.


Unit 1: Personal Finance Building Blocks

Core Curriculum
Unit 2: Benefits, Math & Legal Building Blocks Core Curriculum
Unit 3: Blueprint (Taxation) Core Curriculum
Unit 4: Investment & Insurance Tools Core Curriculum
Unit 5: Retirement & Estate Planning Tools Core Curriculum
Unit 6: Construction (Behaviour, Practices & Regulation) Core Curriculum


Are there any time limits to completing the Core Curriculum Units?

There are no time limits to completing the Core or Advanced Curriculum. The only deadlines are with FP Canada and you can work out what your timeline would be with our CFP Student Advisor. If you would like to set up a call with the CFP Student Advisor please do so here.

Course Materials for CFP Core Curriculum

You will need to have an FP Canada-approved Financial Calculator (full list available on pages 23-24 on FP Canada's CFP Certification Guide). Starting in Unit 2 of our program we will begin covering the Financial Calculator.