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Launch Date: February 14th 2022 🚀 ❤️

The look and feel of our platform has changed slightly. Find out how these changes make our platform easier to use.

We've given our platform a facelift and added some cool new stuff to make your lives a lot easier. Valentine's Day seems like the best day to show some L-O-V-E  to our users. Here's what you need to know.

Training Manager Dashboard 

Upon login, you arrive to a brand new Dashboard! The Dashboard is one convenient location for you to access tasks you do regularly. Each tile on your dashboard is meant to redirect you to the right location on the platform so you can perform a task such as manage learners, look at your reports, buy more seats and assign training. The tiles are also meant to give you some insight about your learners, licenses and certifications using the Quick Stats on the tiles.

Moreover, at the top right corner, you have access to an FAQ menu where you can search our Knowledge Base and find what you're looking for or send us an email directly through the Contact Us button.

Finally, the What's New banner at the top will redirect you to our developers blog so you can see demos of the fun features we are releasing.

Manage Learners 

Training managers want to be able to lead their learners within a few clicks. By clicking on Manage Learners either from the Dashboard or from the menu on the left, you have access to your learners list. From there you can:

  • Filter, sort and search through your learners by first name, last name, contact method and organization
  • Perform batch actions such as assign multiple learners to multiple courses or share multiple learners to an organization
  • Archive and unarchive learners
  • Request password resets and edit your learner's information before activation

And much more!

Add Learners and Assign Training Wizards 

The Add Learners Wizard is a new, seamless and simple way to -- you guessed it -- add learners..  On the Manage Learners page in the top right corner, you can click Add Learners  and a menu will pop out. From here you can add a single learner or multiple either manually or by importing an Excel file. You can then share all the learners you just added to an  organization and proceed to assign them training through the Assign Training Wizard. 

Assigning training is also easier than ever now! The 4-step process allows you to choose your learners and assign them into the appropriate courses effortlessly. If the learner needs to take an Instructor Led Training (ILT) course, you can optionally book them in the right date and time or leave that blank for them to fill out later.

Here's a few interesting use cases these wizards solve:

  • Assigning multiple courses to multiple learners or multiple courses to a single learner: you've onboarded a new learner (or a couple) and they need to take multiple courses. Now you can single out that learner and select all the training material they need to get going on the job.
  • Adding a cohort of learners to multiple courses: Group A needs Course 1, 2,3 and Group B needs Course 4,5,6. By going through the wizards twice and having your Excel files prepared, you can upload and assign training to these two different groups in under 3 minutes.


As of writing, we're a week out from launch date (🚀❤️). We are giddy with excitement for this new look and feel. Our hope is this new experience is as amazing as possible for you. We encourage you to play around with the product and explore the other new features and clean ups we've done.

Should you want to share your thoughts and ideas with our engineers and designers, please shoot us an email at and our team will get back to you.



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