Everything Looks Different! Where Do I Find...?

Logging in to your updated training account and finding your courses and certifications.

Welcome to RapidLMS!

Your training account has been moved to the new RapidLMS platform.

All of your courses and certificates haven't changed, but the layout and location is a bit different.

Let's find what you're looking for!

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On your first log in, use your existing username and password.

You will be prompted to enter an email and/or phone number depending on your new account's settings.

Your email or phone number will be your new username.

Create a new password to complete the account activation.

My Courses

In the left-hand menu, "My Courses" will show you all of the courses that you have taken or have yet to take.

Click the "Begin," "Continue," or "View" button to access the course.

If you have completed a course already, click the "Certification" button to view your certificate.

If you need to download a wallet card or wall certificate, click the "View" button for more details.

My Certifications

In the left-hand menu, "My Certifications" will show you all of the certificates that you have earned.

If you need to download a wallet card or wall certificate, click the "View" button for more details.

👋Learn more about "My Certificates" here.

My Subscriptions

In the left-hand menu, "My Subscriptions" will show you available courses and information for any active subscriptions you may have.

📈Subscriptions are typically used in Financial & Insurance Services training (details here).

My Account

In the left-hand menu, "My Account" will let you edit your personal details, update contact information or reset your password.

If you need to make a change that will impact the information on your certification, you can request a formal change of information when viewing an issued certificate.

👋Learn more about your learner account here.

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